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LATIN NAME: Citrus bergamia.
SOURCE: cold expressed form fruit peel.
COLOUR: dark cloudy olive brown green.
ORIGIN: Ivory coast and Calabria Italy
AROMA: Sweet, citrus lemony mandarin like - with a fresh green note.

Bergamot 100% Pure

Relaxing, refreshing, uplifting, excellent for skin care - especially oily or blemished.

Add 1 drop to cool boiled water as a mouthwash, and breath freshener.

An ingredient in Earl Grey tea and in cologne.

Ideal for helping alleviate, anxiety.

Mixes well with mandarin, sweet orange & may chang to really lift a person susceptible to low moods.

Do not use in the sun or under ultraviolet light as this oil is photo sensitive - absorbs sunlight.

Not a problem when used in shampoo or soap as most is washed away

True cold pressed Bergamot oil can contain wax sediment and a dark green brown cloudy colour.: This is the normal colour for cold pressed genuine Bergamot oil, even when fresh pressed. It has not oxidized, in fact Bergamot has a good shelve life unlike orange and grapefruit.

Bergamot is from the Rutaceae family, (citrus) a small tree growing to about four and a half metres high with smooth green oval leaves, beautiful fragrant white flowers, and small green fruit ripening to yellow. Native to tropical Asia, and cultivated in Southern Italy, and the Ivory coast.



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