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black pepper

LATIN NAME: Piper nigrum
SOURCE: Steam distilled dried whole unripe fruit
AROMA: strong penetrating, spicy, rich, deep, warm and full

Black Pepper Oil 100% Pure

Stimulating/ warming

Helpful in massage oil for warming muscles, especially when mixed with ginger.

Vaporize during the winter.

Ideal in bath at the first signs of a cold.

A stimulating oil that helps strengthen the nerves & mind & can help turn your mindset to a more positive one.

Appetite stimulant, aids digestion, and circulation.

It has a cooling effect in treating fevers. Good for investigative work - Helps one stand their ground, good for aggressive sports and endurance. Pepper is one of the most important and oldest of the spices.

The Greeks as far back as the fourth century BC knew about it .The Romans valued it highly and imported large quantities from the East.

Blends well with Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary and Sandalwood.

A trailing / climbing vine like shrub from the Piperaceae family, native to Southern India. Black pepper is the dried, whole, unripe fruit of this plant.



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