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clary sage essential oil

LATIN NAME: Salvia sclarea.
SOURCE: Steamed distilled from the flowering plant.
COLOUR: Clear light yellow.
ORIGIN: Bulgaria
AROMA: clear, nutty, sweet, grassy, heady, exotic.

Clary Sage 100% Pure oil

Soothing and relaxing, often described as euphoric.

It is said to encourage pleasant dreams.
Ideal for mature skin and greasy hair.
An excellent nerve tonic.

Useful for ladies having "power surges".
An oil that is ideal for those who find it difficult to switch off, especially carers of any sort, especially when mixed with
sweet orange.

I mix it with chamomile & lavender & rub it into  my tummy, lower back & inside my thighs when I am menstruating.

An excellent preparation for use as a nerve tonic. Useful to treat symptoms associated with the menopause such as night sweating.

Long used as a flavouring in wines: some of the most famous brands of old Rhine wine possess a characteristic clarysage-like top note.

Cultivated during Middle Ages for its medicinal properties. It is used extensively in perfumes, for its delightfully rich, rather unique top note, which helps in the fixation of aroma blends.

It is native to southern Europe and cultivated in the Mediterranean, Russia, USA, England, Morocco, and central France. It needs a fairly dry climate. Considered safer to use in home aromatherapy than officinalis.




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