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clove essential oil

LATIN NAME: Eugenia caryophyllata
SOURCE: steamed distilled from the dried buds
COLOUR: Clear light amber
ORIGIN: Zanzibar
AROMA: Characteristic of fresh ground cloves, heady, rich creamy warm, sweet
and spicy

Clove Bud Oil 100% Pure

Traditionally used for oral ows!

Use well diluted in massage oil for muscular aches and pains.

Vaporise during winter months.

A powerful antiseptic which may be of use in hospitals where mutated bacteria are a problem.

Repels insects.

Blends well with orange.

Used in dentistry, toothpaste, beverages and soaps.

A member of the Myrtaceae family, native to Indonesia, Three types of oil are produced from the same tree; Clovebud, clove leaf and stem.
Leaf and stem oil should not be used in Aromatherapy.

Do not use with anticoagulents like Heparin & Warfarin



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