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Organic face cream

Elemental - (fragonia and vanilla)

This utterly scrumptious moussey harmony balm is a beautiful gift for a loved one or indulgent treat for yourself.

One of the key ingredients is the exotic fragonia flower which can help unblock emotions, promoting peace & calm within.

I use this oil a great deal to bring about acceptance at the end of life, but find its good to use at any stage of life to bring about balance & acceptance.

Fill your soul with TLC - smooth over your face & neck to breathe in the balmy tones, or smooth all over as I do for maximum effect.

Mixed lovingly with a generous dose of erotic vanilla & you really will smell good enough to eat!

100% natural & organic/sustainably sourced

Complements my Sassy Harmony Balm beautifully! Can be used to great effect alongside the delicate flower waters on offer.


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