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frankincense essential oil

LATIN NAME: Boswellia Carterii (Beyo)
SOURCE: Steam distilled from the tears.
COLOUR: Clear /amber.
ORIGIN: Somalia gum imported by Kobashi and distilled in the UK
AROMA: spicy , warm, soothing, with hints of lemon.

Frankincense Oil 100% Pure

An oil ideal for helping produce feelings of inner peace & acceptance.

Also a beautiful addition to face creams for dry or mature skin. 

It is also helpful for blemished skin.

It is a useful oil for use during the winter months, especially when feeling 'snufly' and 'bunged' up.

Vaporize to help free breathing and create a calming, spiritual atmosphere. Use in a massage blend or bath to wind down.

Blends really well with Rose & benzoin for grief & real life crisis.

It has been an item of commerce for thousands of years. A precious gift given to baby Jesus and used in churches to this day. The ancient Egyptians used vast amounts to fumigate temples and in preparations used in the embalming process. They were also aware of its healing potential and used it in their medicinal and cosmetic formulas.

A member of the Burseraceae family, it is a shrubby tree native to the red sea region, but growing wild throughout north east Africa. The tears are the resinous gum which is collected by making incisions into the bark. See also hydrolat.

Organically grown: no pesticides or herbicides used collected from trees grown in the wild.



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