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Ginger Essential oil

LATIN NAME: Zingiber officinalis.
SOURCE: steam distilled dried ground roots
COLOUR: Clear/ pale
ORIGIN: Cochin, India
AROMA: Warm, spicy characteristic of fresh ground ginger

Ginger Oil 100% Pure

Ideal in winter for its warming effect on the body.

Helpful for poor, tired muscles.

Great if your tummy needs some TLC especially when travelling.

Blends well with black pepper & marjoram for tired muscles or for a sporst rub.

Traditional Chinese remedy for excess water.

Long history as a domestic spice and herbal remedy especially in the East.

A member of the Zingiberaceae family, it is an erect perennial up to one metre high, with a thick spreading, tumorous rhizome root.

The flowers are yellow or white and are borne on a spike directly from the root. It has narrow spear shaped leaves. It is native to southern Asia.




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