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grapefruit essential oil

LATIN NAME: Citrus grandis
SOURCE: By cold expressed fruit rind.
COLOUR: Clear yellow orange.
ORIGIN: California
AROMA: Refreshing, fruity, characteristic of fresh

Grapefruit Oil 100% Pure

A refreshing & reviving oil with euphoric qualities.

It is great a toner for oily or congested skin.

I also use it to address cellulite & stretch marks especially with mandarin & lemon.

Helpful as a treatment in times of confusion or low moods especially with may chang.
Useful hair tonic.

We tested many grapefruit samples before finding this complete oil. A small but important chemical called Nootkatone, a sesquiterpene ketone, usually present at 0.10 to 1.5%, is often removed for use in the fragrance/flavor industry, the remaining product is then dumped back into the market place where it is usually bought up by the Aromatherapy market. Again highlighting the need for in depth testing.

Member of the Rutaeae family, native to tropical Asia but now widely cultivated in Florida, California, Brazil and Israel. A citrus tree growing up to ten metres, with glossy leaves and large yellow fruit.




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