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mandarin essential oil

LATIN NAME: Citrus reticulata.
SOURCE: CP: Cold expression from fruit peel.
COLOUR: dark green to brown
ORIGIN: Sicily.
AROMA: Fresh, clean, full sweet and fruity characteristic of fresh fruit.

Mandarin Oil 100% Pure

A gentle, soothing yet wonderfully uplifting oil, suitable for children and the very fragile.

It smells good enought to eat, & can help balance appetites.

Children love it & I find that an anxious child responds well to having it rubbed clockwise into their tummy (in dilution of course).

Try mixing with chamomile or lavender and adding to sunflower to help fretful infants.

Vaporize in a burner to combat nervous tension and encourage sleep.

Mix it with grapefruit & lemon & add 20 drops of this delicious combo to calendula base oil to help combat stretch marks.



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