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What is Massage Therapy?


Hello I'm Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C, CThA
I am an I.T.E.C. QUALIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST, AROMATHERAPIST, DIET/NUTRITION & STRESS MANAGEMENT PRACTITIONER. I'm also a member of the Complementary Therapists Association. In addition I specialise in No hands massage, La Stone therapy, Chinese foot massage and Hopi Ear Candling (Auricular Therapy).

Born in Glasgow in 1968, I was raised in the Southeast of England. In 1990, I became a part-time youth worker in under-privileged estates, & so embarked on a journey that was to introduce me to the power of using natural herbs & oils.

This job opened up an opportunity to become a residential care worker, & for 8 years became involved in caring for abused & neglected children, who often presented challenging behaviour & emotional difficulties.

During this career, I trained in play therapy, direct work and counselling, helping the children to heal their hurt, & come to terms with their past.

I moved to Cornwall & trained to become a therapist. Since qualifying and starting my own business, I have also qualified in postgraduate courses, & constantly keep up to date with the most recent research in the field of health & aromatherapy.

I have successfully combined my past experience with my qualifications, & have specialised in treating those with special needs, with whom I feel a deep understanding.
One or two days a week I visit a nursing home where I treat people who have dementia and Korsakoffs syndrome. I offer palliative care to those who need it giving reassurance & helping give clients a sense of peace, comfort & acceptance. However, I have also successfully treated those who feel the stresses & strains of daily life; those who feel run down or need time out; or those who feel they deserve something to uplift & relax them, in order restore their wellbeing.

I combine my knowledge & experience to help everyone individually, & take time to combine my talents to give the best treatment possible. I have had a great deal of success supporting women during pregnancy, childbirth & through their post natal period. In addition, I have supported people to take responsibility for their health & so improve people's lifestyles & their wellbeing, enjoying improved health.

In March 2000, I launched my own brand of aromatherapy products called T.L.C. in a Bottle.

This came about due to sending a little T.L.C. in a bottle to friends and family when I was unable to be with them in times of need or grief.

The impact of these oils and creams and their properties created such a demand that I decided to produce a line of products with the personal touch of mixing up something especially if someone needed it.

In November 2005, I opened my second natural health practice also called The Little Massage Clinic based at Bridge nr Portreath. In June I fulfilled a goal and moved this practice to my village, into Half Moon hair salon. This is an exquisite little salon where Hijumi O'Shea offers an exclusive Japanese hair styling service which she tops off with a blissful Japanese Head Massage. I am currently available here on Wednesdays & Fridays. This space is not only a clinic but is a shop front where I now sell my range of TLC in a bottle as well as 100% natural, organic where possible and ethically sourced health and beauty products and non toxic toiletries.

My ongoing aim is to constantly review the sources of all ingredients & packaging to ensure they are as sustainable & environmentally friendly as possible, which is why you won't see a sniff of sandalwood or rosewood in my goodies. Also my bottles & jars have anywhere between 5 & 80% recycled glass content in them....depending on batches.

I also conduct workshops and presentations. (£40 per/Hr plus expenses)

Have fun & be well , warm wishes, Nicolle

I take my own advice too, enjoying a massage every 3 weeks (more often if needed), enjoying walking my dog around the cliffs of the North Coast of Cornwall, as well as gardening with a specific interest in growing herbs without chemicals. I enjoy a mainly vegetarian (some line caught fish), largely wholefood diet (but occasionally indulge) trying to avoid sugar wherever possible and drinking plenty of water and herbal infusions. I also take an interest in worldwide issues and how to make an impact on those within my local community. Just doing my bit.


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