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Roman Chamomile essential oil

LATIN NAME: Anthemis nobilis.
SOURCE: Steamed distilled from the flowers.
COLOUR: clear light blue - sometimes light green.
ORIGIN: England.
AROMA: Strong floral, sweet fruity aroma, known as 'Earth Apple'

Roman chamomile

A favourite with children

Its soothing qualities help with anxiety, shriek levels & anger.

It blends happily with other oils.

Excellent for skin care, especially sensitive and problem.

Soothing and relaxing for use at bedtime.

Ideal in massage oil for stiff joints and muscles.

Mix with lavender & peppermint for even better results.

Buy pre-blended, as Teasy Tots, ready to use with your baby to address all sorts of infant problems.

Soothing and relaxing, encourages sleep.

Ideal for stiff joints and muscles.

The herb itself has a history of use stretching back to the Ancient Egyptian and Moorish Civilizations and it has certainly been grown in England for over a thousand years, being one of the Saxons' nine sacred herbs - known as Maythen.
It is not surprising, therefore, that it should be known as "English Chamomile" being ideally suited to our climate and soils.

The flower heads are harvested when they are in full bloom in July and August . The Oil is a sky blue colour when first distilled with a clean, almost medicinal but floral aroma. The sky blue is caused by the presence of traces of chamazulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent

A member of the Compositae family, a perennial of creeping habit. Both the flower and upper parts of the green herb contain an essential oil which gives the plant its characteristic aroma.



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