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rose otto essential oil

LATIN NAME: Rosa damascena
SOURCE: Hydro-distilled from the petals
COLOUR: light yellow and can
have a pinkish tint.
ORIGIN: Bulgaria
AROMA: intensely sweet floral

"I'd like to say that i'm very pleased with
the product I ordered : The rose ottto essential oil. It's fantastic!"

Aline, Haute-Vienne, France

Rose Otto Oil 100% Pure

Made from the best Bulgarian roses, Rose is known as 'Queen of the oils' and is generally affiliated to the female system.

This is a very special oil which I use to ease grief, tension and promote nurture and self love.

I also use it as a skin tonic to address
wrinkles, dry skin, sensitive types & as a tonic and for general detoxification. Soothes anger and grief.

Renowned sensual properties.

A balancing oil for the ladies whether young or younger-old!

A wonderful oil worth more than gold!

Mix with lavender, frankincense or neroli for a real healthy indulgence in your skin or mood.

Rose Otto prices have more than doubled from two years ago.
Most of the Rose Otto on the market is adulterated, so if we want real we have to pay for it.

The aroma of the oil is powerful and characteristic of fresh roses, the flavour is strong, sweet, and somewhat honey-like.

It takes approximately 2600kg to 8000 kg of Roses to yeild 1kg of Rose Otto.


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