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rosemary essential oil

LATIN NAME: Rosmarinus officinalis.
SOURCE: Steam distilled from flowering tips of the herb.
COLOUR: Clear to very pale yellow.
ORIGIN: Morocco

Rosemary Oil 100% Pure

This is as useful as lavender in that it can treat dandruff, cellulite and more.

One of the most stimulating of all the oils.

An ideal 'pick-me-up' aids memory and clear thinking.

Rosemary is an ideal choice for an early morning bath as it will invigorate the body and protect the psyche.

The dried herb was burnt during the middle ages to drive away evil spirits and also to protect against the plague.

Try a few drops on a vaporiser to combat fatigue and clear a stuffy atmosphere helps to kill air born bacteria as well.

A useful hair tonic its stimulating actions will help to strengthen hair growth and condition the scalp. Try adding a few drops of Rosemary to shampoo to discourage hair lice.

Add to massage oil for a stimulating massage and muscle rub. Rosemary is Ideal for active sports.

Rosemary Blends well with Lavender, Citronella, Pine and Cedar wood.

This Rosemary is gathered from plants growing in the wild.




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