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Essential oils - Safety Advice - Please Read

• Please take note of our safety advice on each product

• Never use any essential oils in the FIRST 4 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY.
After that some oils may be safe, please consult your aromatherapist.


• If you have kidney problems avoid using JUNIPER BERRY.

• If you have low blood pressure avoid using LAVENDER, MAY CHANG & SWEET MARJORAM.

• If you have high blood pressure avoid using ROSEMARY, THYME.

• If you have had ovarian, uterine or breast cancer AND are on HRT avoid using FENNEL, GERANIUM & ROSE

• Do not use any essential oils (other than chamomile) with children under 6 unless you have sought the advice of a qualified aromatherapist.

• Do not use wheat or nut carrier oils with children under 6.

• Never ingest any essential oils.

• Never sunbathe after applying oils to your skin as this may accelerate sunburn.
The most phototoxic (phototoxic means the oil will accelerate sunburn) oils are BERGAMOT, SWEET ORANGE, MANDARIN, LEMON, LIME, TANGERINE & GINGER.

Alcohol should be avoided for 12 Hrs after using CLARY SAGE, As it can cause disturbing nightmares/hallucinations.

• Allergic reactions. Occasionally as with all medicines, allergic or sensitivity reactions may occur in some indivduals. if this occurs, please discontinue use & contact us & your G.P. immediately.

• Safe Dosage Chart

Age (Yrs)
0 - 6
1 drop of essential oil per 10ml carrier oil or cream
6 - 16
1 drop of essential oil per 5ml carrier oil or cream
16 - 70
2 drops' of essential oil per 5ml carrier oil or cream
1 drop of essential oil per 5ml carrier oil or cream

If you have sensitive skin, it is worth doing a skin patch test. Rub a little oil in the correct dilution on the inside of your wrist. Leave overnight. If you have a reaction avoid using that oil, otherwise it is likely it is safe to use that essential oil.

If you are using the same essential oils every day, it is wise to give them a break occasionally. The body builds up an immunity to them and can render them ineffective. Ti-tree can eventually build up a toxicity in the body with over-use.

If you have a condition as listed above, but you wish to purchase a blend that contains an oil you should avoid, please contact Nicolle, she will be happy to blend oils to your individual needs.

Please also read our Terms & Conditions of sale



The advice included on this site is not meant to replace any medicine or treatment you are receiving through your doctor, if you have any queries or concerns including compatibility with current treatment/medication, please contact us or speak to your GP

Please re-use or re-cycle